How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business

One of the immediate benefits that Google Apps for businesses has over traditional desktop software, such as Microsoft Office, is cost-effectiveness. At just $50 per year, the Google Apps suite includes an unlimited number of user accounts, access to all of Google‘s applications, 25 GB of e-mail storage per employee, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9 percent network uptime guarantee. (There’s also a free version with a limited amount of network security and user accounts, as well as less apps and storage.) Compared to most business and IT software, which often come with a capped number of licenses per purchase (not to mention required external servers to host the system), Google Apps might just be the key to squeezing a couple of extra dimes from your budget.

“If we were buying copies of Microsoft Office for everyone in the company, we’re already saving tens of thousands of dollars,” says Brian Wyrick, vice president of operations at Raidious, an Indianapolis-based content development company. Along with the cost savings, Wyrick says Raidious adopted the Google Apps suite because of the accessibility it provides to their designers and producers in different parts of the country.

“Utility is good for any start-up company,” Wyrick says, “and to be able to talk to a new hire on the phone, and set them up with a Web program without an IT guy having to grant access to them is a great thing.”

Another benefit of Google Apps is each application’s ability to integrate with one another – a feature that Ken Hayes, owner of a Toluca Lake, California-based Internet advertising company, says he’s grateful for. “What’s good about Google Apps is the fact that I can set up one main account for my business – and my e-mail, calendar and website are all tied together,” he says. “Sure, there’s better e-mail out there, but nobody has figured out how to tie it all together like Google.”

Google Apps is essential to my small business success and it should be to yours as well. This may be the best business article I’ve read on the topic recently and it’s pure gold for you. Follow the ‘via’ link to go to the source for the rest of the article…


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