One client to rule them all

I’m the first one to declare the desktop dead. I move from computer to computer, happily launching a few key tabs from a Google Site that I’ve created with my regular bookmarks. So whether I’m on a new netbook that some company sent me to test or I’m in a client’s office, I can quickly access my mail, ZDNet blog platforms, social networks, or whatever. It works pretty well and given that I tend to be a computer hopper, it suits my needs 90% of the time.

There are a few programs that call me back to a desktop, though. Photoshop, of course. SPSS and SAS. TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop. Office 2010. The latter is only occasional as Google Docs handles most of what I need and fits my computer hopping lifestyle. There are times, though, when I need to create a document from hell, crunch some serious numbers, or create a slide show that really wows and amazes (although SlideRocket may supplant PowerPoint as my favorite presentation software). Unlike most Office devotees, however, Outlook has never been a reason for me to use Microsoft’s productivity suite. In fact, whenever I install Office, I exclude Outlook. Why use Outlook when you have Gmail, right? I’d rather access my calendar, mail, contacts, etc., through the cloud, anytime, anywhere.

This is me, though. There are an awful lot of people who hang their professional hats on Outlook and whose professional lives are as wrapped up in Outlook as mine is in Google Apps.

Comment, call or use the contact form to discuss how Google Apps applies to your business…


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