Facebook Is Offering You an Email Address: Don’t Take It For Your Business

As you’ve heard by now Facebook will be providing email address to its 500,000+ users.

Read the New York Times news on it here.

If you want to get a Facebook email address for your personal messaging, friends and family, that’s fine.

But please, if you have a REAL business. If you want to GROW your business, don’t start using a Facebook email address.

It hurts me to see hundreds of business owners giving me free Vistaprint business cards with a Yahoo, AOL or Gmail email address. It screams, “I’m not serious and I’m not professional.”

Sure, a free business card is nice and saves you $20 or so. But it costs you about $500 of credibility. Pay the premium to get a nice looking card. I’ve been a long time Vistaprint (paying) customer.

In the same way, a free email address saves you $50 a year or so. But guess what? It costs you hundreds of dollars in lost credibility.

Every business professional needs an email address with their branding as the domain name. Joe@joesbusinessname.com. PERIOD.

Readers of this blog will not be surprised to hear me say “And the best way to accomplish that is with Google Apps for Business”. I covered it well long ago in this post


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