Posterous Co-Founder Garry Tan Leaves for Y Combinator

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Garry Tan has announced that he is leaving Posterous, the ultra-simplistic microblogging company he helped found in 2008. Tan wrote on his blog today that it was time to move on and that he would be taking an advisory role with the company in order to do what he was most passionate about – work with startups.

“My greatest passions lie with the early stage of building world-changing consumer products,” writes Tan. “To that end, I’ve decided to join the team at Y Combinator as a designer-in-residence and help the dozens of top pre-seed startups in the newest Winter 2011 batch reach their potential through excellent user experience.”

Ruh roh! What does this mean for Posterous? I have been having concerns about the platform for a month or two due to lagging tech support responses and what I interpret as a lack of focus with Posterous groups and now this? Still, Posterous is the best tool in the universe for curating content and autoposting to my WordPress blogs — better than ‘press this’ which really stinks, imho. What now? In the words of the great philosophers .38 Special, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go. If you cling too tightly, you’re gonna lose your soul”…


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