How Teachers are using Google Earth in the classroom

Google Earth is a game changer in the classroom and it brings geography lessons to a whole new level by providing an immersive interactive experience for students. It’s an app that educators across the world have implemented within their classes to give students a richer hands-on experience and a better point of reference. As an example, while looking through images in a textbook is great, it doesn’t offer the same understanding as virtually walking down the streets of Japan using Google Earth. And it leaves adults asking “why wasn’t I lucky enough to have this in school?”. In the last few years, we’ve seen remarkable finds from people using Google Earth. One that comes to mind was an article from 2007 where an amateur Archaeologist named Cor Schipper discovered a lost underwater castle (N 52°14’57 E 5°25’23) in Holland. The ancient castle of Hulckesteijn (1427-1538) is said to have slid underwater, appearing to be a large “L” in the water when viewing with Google Earth. Can you picture Indiana Jones using Google Earth? Maybe not but the quality of the satellite images make it possible for these types of amazing discoveries. 


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