How to Plan a Product-Launch Event

After five long years of innovation, research, and testing, David Dickinson, CEO of start-up Zeo, based in Newton, Massachusetts, was confident that the product his company introduced last year — a personal sleep monitor that gathers data from brain waves during sleep — was unlike anything on the market.

But one more hurdle remained: getting others to notice. “We had to introduce the Personal Sleep Coach in a way that it was clear that it was a breakthrough innovation,” Dickinson says. “We asked ourselves, how do we get people talking about it with each other?”

One way Zeo attempted to do that was by hosting a product-launch event for the press at the posh Standard Hotel in Manhattan last summer. Because the company wanted invitees to experience the product firsthand and spread the word through their reviews, they invited them to actually spend the night using the personal sleep coach in a paid hotel room, and to wake up to their personalized results on how they slept.

“Sometimes an event can provide an environment that is unique to the product use,” Dickinson says. “It can be quite powerful.”

Developing a new product in a new category is a formidable task, but actually launching the product when it’s ready for the market can also be one of the most stressful times for a business owner. New products can earn about half their sales and profits far earlier in the product life cycle than many business owners realize, according to Robyn Sachs, president of RMR & Associates, an advertising, marketing and public relations firm based in Rockville, Maryland.

However, holding an actual event isn’t for everybody. “For many people, I think their first impulse is to have an event,” says Joan Schneider, president and creative director of Boston public relations and marketing communications firm Schneider Associates, and author of the book “The New Launch Plan: 152 Tips, Tactics, and Trends from the Most Memorable New Products. “But in this age where everybody is triple booked, unless you have big news or a big draw, it’s hard to get people to show up.”

Chances are your company isn’t introducing the next iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t organize a product-launch event that will draw crowds and create plenty of buzz for your new product. Here’s how.

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