How to Execute Great Ideas

Entrepreneurs typically have no shortage of ideas, but this creative strength can quickly become a weakness if the ideas aren’t managed well.  The constant messages running through a solopreneur’s mind might include thoughts like, “I should get moving on that.” “What if I miss out on something big?” “Too many ideas, too little time.” “I wish I had the money to make this happen, it’s such a great idea.” This brain-clutter will bring a truckload of great ideas to a screeching halt before they even get on the road, so let’s take a look at how to unload the excess cargo!

Taking a systematic approach isn’t always easy for the right-brained, creative solopreneur. But to get these ideas off the ground, that’s what we have to do. So whether your idea is about a new product, marketing or other growth or organizational opportunities, here are a few of these tips to move it forward – or take it off the list once and for all.

Get them out of your head and onto paper. Having all of this brilliance trapped in your brain is exhausting – it wants out! Begin by sorting out your ideas; big and small. Categorize and prioritize them based on your needs: Do you need immediate revenue? Do you need to improve your branding? Do you need to get systems into place? Do you need to satisfy client demands?  Or do you simply need to have more fun by utilizing your creativity in a new way? Now choose ONE idea (yes, just one) and apply some or all of the following strategies.

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