Why It’s Not Working For You

People are successful for a reason. They’ve taken someone else’s formula; or success; or failings; and stripped it down. They’ve ejected the parts that aren’t for them, and reassembled the remaining parts into a map for their next steps.

This is what you need to do too.

There’s no such thing as real originality anymore – but there are ways for you to be originally non-original. Others have already done the hard work for you – use it.

You can be a success; just not on someone else’s terms. Take the best of what’s relevant for you and refocus into what’s best for you to move forward, on your own terms and with a structured map in place.

We’re all hungry. We just need to make sure the food’s right for us.

You can do that. Can’t you?

As King Solomon said “there’s nothing new under the sun”. You can follow the ‘via’ link above to get the rest of Danny Brown’s insight. Comment or ‘connect’ to discuss how this applies to you and your organization…


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