How to make your word of mouth more visible

Love from fans and happy customers isn’t worth much if prospective customers don’t see it. How to bring yours into the open:

1. Post reviews and testimonials
2. Promote the positive conversations
3. Pull fans together

1. Post reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are powerful word of mouth tools, but only if potential buyers can see them. Unbury yours by featuring them on your home page, your product pages, your sales collateral, on store shelves – anywhere customers might see them. If buyers can’t find your praise from happy customers, what good is it?

2. Promote the positive conversations

Look for people saying good things about you and get it in front of your potential customers. Simple tools like Google Alerts and Twitter searches will help you find these discussions. When you find them, look for opportunities to link to them, to include them in your content, and to point new customers to these third-party discussions.

3. Pull fans together

A great way to show off your word of mouth is to create opportunities for your talkers to come together. Potential customers take notice when you host rallies, user conferences, and fan get-togethers. This is word of mouth that becomes highly visible — and highly contagious.


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