Recommended Reading: Google Reader Shared Items

Recommended Reading: Google Reader Shared gets the shared items from your Google Reader account.

Want to easily share posts you recommend from other blogs? Want to share selected posts from your business partners’ news feeds or friends’ blogs? The “Recommended Reading” plug in is the easy way to do it! All you need is a free Google Reader account.

It includes an easy to use configuration panel inside the WordPress settings menu. From this panel you can control every aspect of the plug-in, including:

  1. Your Google Reader ID… or look it up dynamically with your Google username and password!
  2. Number of posts to show.
  3. Format of post dates (or hide dates).
  4. Option to show the source blog with link.
  5. How many characters from the post’s content or summary to show (including all, or none).
  6. Handling of links (new window, nofollow properties)
  7. Display of your notes.
  8. Advanced content output and styling when embedding on a page or post.
  9. A link back to your full shared items feed at Google

Use the sidebar widget, embed in a page or post with simple shortcode, or, for advanced users, call the list by a function in your template.

Precise CSS classes throughout the output (with common WordPress conventions) allows granular control over the look within templates. Powerful caching stores and compares the the feed’s provided update information, giving you fast performance with a feed that’s always up to date.

Recommended Reading is the name of the plugin, not a suggestion. If you’re using Google Reader, this plugin is a great tool for adding your shared items effortlessly to the sidebar. Questions? Feedback?


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