How to Use Facebook’s “Merge Duplicate Pages” Feature to Gain Fans

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Your official Facebook Page may not be getting all the fans it deserves because users are accidentally Liking unofficial community Pages with the same name. These missing fans cost you news feed impressions and clicks and ad targeting opportunities. Fortunately, Facebook now offers the “Merge duplicate pages” tool to allow you to roll fans from duplicate community Pages into your official Page.

In the full version of this article found in the Facebook Marketing Bible, we discuss why using the tool is important, how to use it to gain new fans, how to eliminate other duplicate pages, and how to properly greet the new fans of your Page to prime them for future engagement.

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2 Responses to How to Use Facebook’s “Merge Duplicate Pages” Feature to Gain Fans

  1. Alicia Marie Phillips says:

    I could be using this tool wrong, but I have tried doing this multiple times (since I run FB pages for 8 car dealerships), but FB has yet to respond to my requests over the last 5 months and nothing has changed. I can’t figure out how to make them hear me! It really is having an impact on my fan base.

    • Todd Lohenry says:

      I have one client where I have been waiting two months for the merge link to even appear on one of their pages. Turnaround time on this has been anywhere between 6 hours and 6 weeks. Facebook has go to improve this feature, but try finding someone there who cares!

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