Tools I used; Compaq I Portable computer


Steve Gallimore’s comments on the original IBM PC vs. the iPad made me laugh so I thought I’d share with you an image of the first portable computer I ever used. This is the machine on which I learned Lotus 123. Here are the specs:

Introduced: November 1982
Released: March 1983
Price: US$3590 (two floppy system)
How many? 53,000 in 1983, the first year
Weight: 28 pounds.
CPU: Intel 8088, 4.77MHz
RAM: 128K, 640K max
Display: 9″ monochrome monitor built-in
80 X 25 text
Color graphic card
Storage: Two 320K 5-1/4″ disk drives
Ports: 1 parallel (expansion card)

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