Why It’s Okay to Be Small

As you probably picked up from the previous examples, there are some definite advantages that solo professionals (a.k.a. freelancers) can offer their clients that traditional companies usually cannot.

Here are seven of those advantages:

  1. Quick decision-making. A freelancer is able to make decisions very quickly. In fact, he or she is the decision-maker. In contrast, large corporations may have multiple layers of approval that must be obtained before a final decision can be made.
  2. More innovative. A freelancer is free to try new things as he or she sees fit. A corporation, on the other hand, is great about setting up procedures that must be followed–but not so great about adjusting or deviating from those procedures.
  3. Less overhead. A freelancer can often charge a lower price than a corporation and still earn a good income. This is because the freelancer doesn’t have as much overhead as a large business, which must also cover expenses not directly related to the project.
  4. More flexible. Freelancers enjoy a more flexible schedule, but they’re often more flexible about scheduling new projects as well. A large company may have a large list of projects that must be completed before a new one can be started.
  5. More accountable. A freelancer is more accountable because his or her livelihood depends on it. He or she knows that if something goes wrong, there’s no one else to blame. In a corporation, employees often play the “blame game,” trying to shift the responsibility for a mistake to someone else.
  6. More personal. Doing business with a freelancer often adds a level of service to a project that is simply unavailable from a larger entity. Since you will deal with the same individual each time, they can really get to understand you and your needs.
  7. A higher level of motivation. While it’s not always true, freelancers often have a higher level of motivation than traditional employees. That’s because if they didn’t love what they were doing they wouldn’t be doing it. In contrast, how many employees do you know who hate their job?

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a place in the market for big business, but there’s also no reason any freelancer should be ashamed of being a small business.

I’m small. How about you? Follow the ‘via’ link if you’re interested in the rest of the author’s perspective…


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