Will Blogging Work for Your HVAC Business? Any business?

Here’s a great post from contractingbusiness.com that has good insight for many solopreneurs and small business owners…

The fact is, blogging for business does take effort on a daily basis. And benefits may not be apparent for as long as six months.

Yes, blogging is just a tool, but here are some facts about blogs you may not know (courtesy of Hubspot ):

• 90% of consumers read blogs.

• Over 70% of consumers read more than five blogs.

• 100% of businesses surveyed that blog more than once per day received customers directly from their blog.

• Businesses that blog are 4 times more likely to be found on the web.

• Businesses with blogs get 55% more traffic on average.

Consumers are increasingly relying on blogs and other social media for input into their buying decisions. Small companies (including contractors) that have a history of regularly blogging for business are reaping the benefits by increasing their customer base and revenue (fyi, we are one of them).

Follow the ‘via’ link if you’re interested in more. Comment below or use the connect form to talk about how this applies to your organization…


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