What Does Eight Years Of Blogging Get You?

Blog of the day once againOne of my favorite thought leaders Mitch Joel is reflecting today on 8 years of blogging…

Eight years ago on this day in 2003, I started Blogging.

Here’s some basic info about what has transpired in eight years here at the Six Pixels of Separation Blog: over 2700 Blog entries, over 20,000 comments and over 270 audio Podcasts. If you have read or listened to only one percent of all of that content, you’ll know that both acknowledging this milestone or speaking about the numbers (how big/how many) is not my style. But, when I woke up this morning and saw the date notification in my Outlook, it gave me pause. It wasn’t a sense of pride or accomplishment, either. The only question that continually popped into my brain was: was all of this Blogging worth it? And, the answer is obvious: yes.

Yes it is.

Starting this Blog was (and still is) without the question the single most important thing I have done in my professional life. It has changed me. It has changed the way I learn and grow and it has changed how I think about the world (and business and marketing and media and beyond). In spending some serious time soaking in this anniversary, I listed out why Blogging was (and still is) the smartest thing I have ever done.

Follow the ‘via’ link if you’d like to hear the rest of his perspective. Want to start blogging? Comment or ‘connect’ to discuss how this applies to you and your organization…


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