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Facebook Is Offering You an Email Address: Don’t Take It For Your Business

As you’ve heard by now Facebook will be providing email address to its 500,000+ users.

Read the New York Times news on it here.

If you want to get a Facebook email address for your personal messaging, friends and family, that’s fine.

But please, if you have a REAL business. If you want to GROW your business, don’t start using a Facebook email address.

It hurts me to see hundreds of business owners giving me free Vistaprint business cards with a Yahoo, AOL or Gmail email address. It screams, “I’m not serious and I’m not professional.”

Sure, a free business card is nice and saves you $20 or so. But it costs you about $500 of credibility. Pay the premium to get a nice looking card. I’ve been a long time Vistaprint (paying) customer.

In the same way, a free email address saves you $50 a year or so. But guess what? It costs you hundreds of dollars in lost credibility.

Every business professional needs an email address with their branding as the domain name. PERIOD.

Readers of this blog will not be surprised to hear me say “And the best way to accomplish that is with Google Apps for Business”. I covered it well long ago in this post