Is a Free One-Click Screen Sharing and Conferencing Tool

For anyone who has struggled with screen sharing over the internet, there is Me? I’ve been presenting over the internet since the days [about a decade ago] when a WebEx subscription cost our firm $2,000 per month. I quickly moved to GoToMeeting when it became available at $49 per month, but Citrix jumped the shark with their pricing model last year. looks like it’s worthy of your attention. I’ll post again after I’ve tested it…

Have you tried Alltop?

It’s an online magazine rack with many of the world’s top sources gathered together by category. It’s an excellent place to shop for great content for Google Reader, too!

Is The New Twitter Better Than Desktop Clients?

Integrated pictures, keyboard shortcuts, a decent way to track conversations and a slick new look. That’s what some users of Twitter found recently, and they were really happy. Twitter isn’t sure how long it will take to push these features out to everybody, but if you primarily use Twitter from a client such as Tweetdeck or Gwibber you may have access and not know it.

We at MakeUseOf don’t hide our love for Twitter. You can find the entire MakeUseOf staff on Twitter, and most of us are pretty active there.

Our articles about Twitter, though, largely revolve around ways to avoid going to the site altogether.

For example, I recently pointed out five Linux Twitter clients you’ve probably never heard of and Steve recommended you use Seesmic Desktop 2 as your Twitter client. The new Twitter might convince people like us to stop using a client and use Twitter directly. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the new Twitter, as compared to desktop clients.

Personally, I’ve been stuck on HootSuite for over a year because it gives me powerful Twitter management tools and more; the ability to monitor other social media accounts and post across platforms. It’s nice that Twitter finally got their act together on their end user side, but imho they should spend more time getting their act together on the server side. btw, I like Seesmic Desktop 2 as well, but HootSuite, being a web app, is always ready for me on any platform. If you’re interested in mastering Twitter, give HootSuite a try…

Manage Social Networks Through Your Email?

Have you tried NutshellMail? I’m officially ‘blessing’ it and calling it ‘recommended’ today, even though the pricing model is currently unclear. One of the challenges of social media is that there is no ‘dashboard’, however, I have found NutshellMail to be a usefully summary of what’s happening in my social media world…

Want to be a Google Reader rockstar?

Then follow this simple blueprint…

Google Reader is my killer app. Combined effectively with Google’s Chrome browser, Shareaholic, and Posterous, Google Reader has turned me into a publishing an promoting machine. Here’s another post on the topic I did last year:

8 Reasons To Switch To Windows 7 (If You Haven’t Already)

Recently, CNET reported that Windows 7 has captured ten percent of the personal computer market. That means, now, 1 in 10 computers worldwide runs on Windows 7.

There are no doubts about the fact that Windows 7 was received with open arms by not only the average computer user, but also by people who jump on every opportunity of criticizing Microsoft. The company drew a lot of flak for Vista, and a huge number of PC users were so frustrated that they went back to XP. But Windows 7 changed the game altogether.

Being a user of Windows 7 for the last few months, I have personally found it to be a great improvement to its predecessors. If you are still contemplating a switch to Windows 7 and have some doubts in mind then this article aims to clear the air.

Check out these 8 reasons and see if they convince you to make the switch.

I never thought I’d be putting Windows 7 on my recommended list, but the Dumb Little Man is right — Windows 7 rocks! And this from a former Apple Account Exec. Snap! I went there, Steve…